10-minute Meditation to Increase Your Powers of Intuition
Keep your clear intuition with the habit of cleansing your consciousness.

Clearing thoughts in the brain to polish intuition

Using the Crystal Healing method through this meditation, you can clear your mind and thoughts to increase power of intuition.

When you feel the six sense is dull and uncertain, or you need more intuitive sense for a day, take 10 minutes to cleanse the dust off of your mind.



  1. 明晰な思考と集中力


  2. 毎日の習慣からダイエットを見直そう

  3. スポーツにも瞑想でパフォーマンスアップ

  4. 417Hzマイナスな状況からの回復


  5. 夜の禁煙×マインドフルネス瞑想

  6. 人生は先延ばしにできない