10-minute Meditation to Make You Become Positive
Negative × Positive = Zero Now you could reset your mode!

If you are positive, you can switch your mood

When you feel negative energy and thoughts within yourself, let’s change the gear of the mode quickly by listening to this 10-minute meditation.

Raise your energy vibration and change the negativity into positive attitude instantly.



  1. 7chakrasolfeggio

    Solfeggio frequencies to awaken the energy body

  2. バイノーラルビートのゆらぎで超熟睡

  3. 食事から変わるダイエット瞑想

  4. 毎日を大切に生きると、だんだん嫌なことがなくなる

  5. エネルギー波動をクリアに上げる


  6. 今に集中して潜在的パワーを発火する