10-Minute Meditation for a Wonderful Day
Creating today with simple visualization technique.

Have a great day!

Listening to this meditation before you start a day, you could make your day wonderful and brilliant.

As you set the Power Ball at the core center of your body, you can manage the day as you wish unconsciously.

You will share more positive energy to other people who meet you in a day.



  1. 身体の免疫力はポジティブな精神から

  2. セラピストのためのセルフマネジメント


  3. 脳内の思考をクリアにして直観力をあげる

  4. 10分間で深い睡眠に誘う

  5. 快眠・安眠は髪の味方

  6. スキンケア瞑想でエイジングケアのお手入れを