10-Minute Meditation for a Wonderful Day
Creating today with simple visualization technique.

Have a great day!

Listening to this meditation before you start a day, you could make your day wonderful and brilliant.

As you set the Power Ball at the core center of your body, you can manage the day as you wish unconsciously.

You will share more positive energy to other people who meet you in a day.



  1. 愛の流れを豊かにする開運瞑想

  2. お互いにとっての良縁な関係に

  3. 人生は先延ばしにできない

  4. 人生の転換期を迎えるためのセラピー 人生の闇を葬る


  5. 今日をマインドフルネスで豊かに暮らす


  6. 花粉症が健やかライフをめざすきっかけに