10-minute Meditation for Decisiveness
Instead of "You have to make a decision", instead of "You can make a decision"

Find your decisive points with NLP in 10 minutes

Using the NLP technique, you could make decision clearly to the certain issue or empower your decisiveness.

Through this guided meditation for 10 minutes, you would get rid of confusion and relax to set your mind.

Your action becomes more confident after listening to this meditation repeatedly for 21days.



  1. 脳内の思考をクリアにして直観力をあげる

  2. 大切な仕事のモチベーションを落とさない

  3. 素晴らしい一日のスタートを!

  4. 豊かな感性は豊かな精神性

  5. 人生は先延ばしにできない

  6. お互いにとっての良縁な関係に