10-minute Meditation for Decisiveness
Instead of "You have to make a decision", instead of "You can make a decision"

Find your decisive points with NLP in 10 minutes

Using the NLP technique, you could make decision clearly to the certain issue or empower your decisiveness.

Through this guided meditation for 10 minutes, you would get rid of confusion and relax to set your mind.

Your action becomes more confident after listening to this meditation repeatedly for 21days.



  1. 毎日を大切に生きると、だんだん嫌なことがなくなる

  2. 足りない、もっと欲しいときは金運の開運タイム

  3. ソルフェジオ周波数でチャクラを覚醒

  4. 花粉症で眠りが浅く疲れてしまうなら

  5. 朝の禁煙×マインドフルネス瞑想

  6. 今日を無の境地で暮らす