10-minute Meditation for Beautiful Skin
Stress appears on the skin. Make real beautiful skin from inside.

Care for beautiful skin in the meditative consciousness zone

10-minute meditation for beautiful skin is highly recommended for women who care for the facial skin condition.

Stressful life and unstable cycle of life style are likely to reflect on your skin problems.

You can approach to rashes, wrinkles, slacks, pimples and such from the unconscious level to improve the quality of your skin.



  1. コスミックスリープ


  2. If you are positive, you can switch your mood

  3. 瞑想の意識ゾーンで美肌のケアを

  4. ストレスや疲労を解消し眠りに誘うシータ波

  5. 飛行機に乗るのが怖い、苦手なのはあなただけではありません

  6. リラックスは緊張感をコントロールする