Recovering stress from Corona Pandemic 〈Guided Meditation & Self Coaching〉
What is the biggest stress of the covid-19 and the prolonged pandemic?
You may have hidden stress and patience that you are not aware of yet.

Heal yourself and gain your power back from the Pandemic

How have you been influenced by the Covid-19 Pandemic? Each person feels stress differently. Many people feel critically strong stress, some are not aware of it, and others are worried about the future.

In this program, you can experience healing by guided meditation and self-coaching to relieve the stress you are actually feeling.

Chapter1. How did you feel stress of the coronavirus pandemic?
Chapter2. Merging your two stressful factors
Chapter3. Heal your unconscious stress from the pandemic
Chapter4. Wholistic healing for the coronavirus pandemic

Although the impact of the coronavirus pandemic affects the society and the world to which you belong, you will find clues to relieve the stress you feel, and connect to more healthy and meaningful life in the post corona era.

Available on  May20, 2021
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The Japanese translation of “Releasing stress of  Corona Pandemic” [Koronaka no Sutoresu wo Iyasu] is also released  for  Japanese listeners.


  1. インナーチャイルドで視力回復


  2. チャネリングスリープ


  3. 身体の免疫力はポジティブな精神から

  4. 417Hzマイナスな状況からの回復


  5. 今日をわくわくアクティブに暮らす


  6. マネーヒーリングとマネーシンボル