10-minute Meditation to Relieve Tension
The tension itself is not bad. Create a "relaxing switch" to control tension well.

Release your tension

Using the anchoring technique of NLP, you make your own relaxing switch during this 10-minute meditation.

If you often feel tension in a day, or you need to face to business presentations with nervousness, take 10 minutes to feel total relaxation through the guided meditation.

You can create own nature in your mind space that could be used in many phases through your life.



  1. ポジティブなら自分で気分を切り替えられる

  2. ウェイクアップ瞑想


  3. 過去を癒すヒーリングチャイルド


  4. 足りない、もっと欲しいときは金運の開運タイム

  5. エネルギー波動をクリアに上げる


  6. スポーツにも瞑想でパフォーマンスアップ