10-minute Meditation to put your thoughts in order and induce Deep Sleep
Not just for sleeping at night, but for napping and power-up meditation.

Invite you to sleep deeply in just 10 minutes

When your mind and thought are unease and not ready to take a rest at night, take 10 minutes to put your thoughts in order and induce deep sleep.

Set the audio device turning off automatically so that you can go into sleep in bed at the end of the meditation.



  1. 昼の禁煙×マインドフルネス瞑想

  2. ヒプノティック睡眠宇宙編


  3. 脳内の思考をクリアにして直観力をあげる

  4. インナーチャイルドで視力回復


  5. 心のブロックを解放してハートをリフレッシュする

  6. ナイスバディはメンタルシェイプアップから