Meditation to Relax your Day
A short, deep and relaxing nap promotes about three times as much rest as night sleep.

Take a break for a short nap

Let’s get rid of the physical and mental fatigue of the day.

During 15 minutes of this guided meditation, you will be completely relaxed and refreshed.
If you feel tired or need to relax in the middle of the day, you can experience it anytime. Having your days relaxed, you will find more positive events are happening.

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The Japanese translation of “Meditation to Relax you day” [Ichinichi no Tsukare wo  toru  Meiso] is also released  for  Japanese listeners.


  1. 大切で必要なものが見えてくる断捨離

  2. 豊かな感性は豊かな精神性

  3. 潜在意識にはエイジングや時間の概念がない

  4. ソルフェジオ周波数でチャクラを覚醒

  5. 明晰な思考と集中力


  6. 今に集中して潜在的パワーを発火する