Meditation to Improve Concentration
Polishing the window of the mind brightens consciousness like wiping the window of reality.

Your focus matters clarity of the mind

For what do you want to increase your concentration power?

When you want to improve your concentration before study, work, any action or activity, or when you lose focus due to some distraction, please work on this meditation.
In 15min, you will refresh and clear your conscious mind and improve concentration!

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The Japanese translation of “Meditation to Relax you day” [Shuchuryoku wo takameru Meiso] is also released  for  Japanese listeners.


  1. アバンダンス


  2. 今日を明晰に暮らす


  3. 大切な仕事のモチベーションを落とさない

  4. 毎日の習慣からダイエットを見直そう

  5. 人生の夢や目標がわからないときのセラピー


  6. 素晴らしい一日のスタートを!