Healing meditation for smoking cessation
What really relaxes when you feel deeply

Does smoking really relax you?

This is a healing meditation to mitigate the burden and stress of the physical body against smoking itself.

If you have already challenged to quit smoking, this meditation will support your habits.

Meditation enhances healing of your mind and body damaged by cigarettes and releases chronically unhealthy unpleasant conditions.



  1. 喫煙による癒しから新しいヒーリングへ

  2. 5次元で起こる?ハッピーな引き寄せ法則

  3. 毎日の習慣からダイエットを見直そう

  4. 花粉症が健やかライフをめざすきっかけに

  5. 感謝の種を蒔いて豊かな花を咲かす

  6. 脳内の思考をクリアにして直観力をあげる