Sleeping Meditation for Smoking Cessation
Enjoy a moment of meditation before taking a cigarette at night.

Can you sleep well if you smoke?

Make use of this sleeping meditation designed to help you stop smoking every day, to maintain the state of a “non-smoker” who has just decided to quit smoking and has succeeded.

While you are sleeping, your consciousness is not working as it does during the day, instead your subconscious mind and potential ability are more open to support your healthy, sound life without smoking.




  1. 自然体なあなたはコミュニケーション上手

  2. ウェイクアップ瞑想2


  3. ストレスや疲労を解消し眠りに誘うシータ波

  4. Take a break for a short nap

  5. 幸せを感じる脳にリセットして安眠へ

  6. 今日をマインドフルネスで豊かに暮らす