Sleeping Meditation for Smoking Cessation
Enjoy a moment of meditation before taking a cigarette at night.

Can you sleep well if you smoke?

Make use of this sleeping meditation designed to help you stop smoking every day, to maintain the state of a “non-smoker” who has just decided to quit smoking and has succeeded.

While you are sleeping, your consciousness is not working as it does during the day, instead your subconscious mind and potential ability are more open to support your healthy, sound life without smoking.




  1. 今に集中して潜在的パワーを発火する

  2. ピロー・ソリューション


  3. 行動力を妨げるブロックや言い訳は?

  4. 飛行機に乗るのが怖い、苦手なのはあなただけではありません

  5. 夜の禁煙×マインドフルネス瞑想

  6. 食事から変わるダイエット瞑想