10-minute meditation to make the present moment more Powerful
Isn't your energy dispersed from the “Now” point?

Concentrate on the present moment and ignite potential power

Many people scatter own energy to past, future, other people and episodes that waste own power without even noticing it.

Let’s take back own mind and energy to the center of yourself and the moment of life.

Focus on the precious present moment and bring more opportunity and synchronicity into your real life.




  1. アストラル・トラベル 宇宙銀行編 豊かさと富を創り出す


  2. Have a great day!

  3. 今日を心穏やかに暮らす


  4. お互いにとっての良縁な関係に

  5. リラックスは緊張感をコントロールする

  6. マネーヒーリングとマネーシンボル