Transform your beauty from the subconscious mind 〜 Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz & Affirmations
Your authentic beauty goes beyond the common definition of beauty.

Your Authentic Beauty is Created from Within

A meditation program that draws out and refines your inner beauty, the essence and source of beauty.

Your will be awaken your true beauty from your subconscious mind.

Your skin, hair, body shape, posture, facial expression, and attitude will change as beautifully as you wish. Your feelings and emotions will also become brighter and clearer.

This program introduces the 528 Hz solfeggio frequency, which is said to restore human cells and repair DNA, and 30 affirmations for beauty. In addition to the sounds and words that you recognize as hearing, you will experience positive messages with specialized frequencies and waveforms; the first message is with audio, and the second message is inserted with audio waveforms only.

The subconscious mind receives only the information it needs and does not take in anything that is resistant or unreasonable, so there is no need to worry about mind control. You can experience it with peace of mind.

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The Japanese translation of “Inner Beauty” is also released  for  Japanese listeners.


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