Transform your aging from the subconscious mind 〜 Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz & Affirmations
Stressors in the mind attract external stressors.

Release your stress associated with age on a subconscious level

This meditation program is designed to help you take care of the aging process, aging and senescence that can be caused by various stresses in your daily life.

This program is designed to help you improve your immunity to stressors and take care of the aging process from a cosmetic and health perspective. Whenever you feel stressed out, experience this program on a daily basis and continue to take care of the aging that is already taking place in response to stress.

This program introduces the Solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz, which is said to restore human cells and repair DNA, as well as 25 affirmations against aging. In addition to the sounds and words you recognize as hearing, you will experience positive messages with specialized frequencies and waveforms. 1st message is with sound, 2nd message is inserted only with sound waveforms.

The subconscious mind receives only the information it needs and does not take in anything that is resistant or unreasonable. You can experience it with peace of mind.

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The Japanese translation of “Stress-aging Care” is also released  for  Japanese listeners.


  1. バイノーラルビートのゆらぎで超熟睡

  2. 幸せを感じる脳にリセットして安眠へ

  3. 一日の疲れを取りながら、疲れない人生を

  4. ソルフェジオヒーリング全集


  5. 741Hz浄化睡眠


  6. インナーチャイルドで視力回復